3 unobvious ideas for the May weekend 23.04.2019

Majowka is a time that each of us is trying to plan ahead - so that ultimately, spend a few free days in an interesting place. However, if you do not have plans for this period or you do not know what interesting to see - we have a few suggestions for you.

Regardless of whether you plan a trip for a few days with accommodation, or maybe a quick tourist trip, instead of just walking around the old town or visiting local restaurants, you can also take a look at some interesting places that you will surely remember. And even if you are talking about a big city, which you had the opportunity to visit many times, there will definitely be several options worth considering.

1. Picturesque Szklarska Poreba

This picturesquely located town is not only a great starting point for fans of winter sports, but also lovers of bicycle trips (nearly 400 km of trails of varying difficulty) or rock climbing. When you visit Szklarska, you can also go hiking on numerous tourist routes (also themed ones, which will be an interesting option for children). It is also a great opportunity to see Szklarka Waterfall, which next to Kamienczyk is one of the two highest in the Giant Mountains, or with the help of a chairlift get to Szrenica, a viewpoint to the Jeleniogórska Valley and the Jizera Mountains. What's more, the proverbial stone throw divides Szklarska Poreba from the Karkonoski National Park, the area of ​​which is over 13,093 ha. With the tourists in mind, over 100 km of hiking trails were created there, some of which are available for cyclists, and some of them are educational paths that will surely interest the youngest.

Another interesting point on our map of the trip can be the Park Ducha Gor, renovated in 2011, located directly in Szklarska Poreba. The Park, which is over 4.5 ha, is one of the most interesting places, both in terms of landscape and history, and visitors are waiting for hidden in the escarpment of the Hut Mine or the cottage Rzepichy Zielarki, reminiscent of a primitive farm with a herb garden.

If, however, we have too many kilometers to Szklarska Poreba to afford a one-day trip, we should now plan where we want to stay for the night, especially if we are planning a family trip. In this case, it is worth to bet on comfortable, fully equipped apartments, in which we can comfortably stay even in a 3- or 4-person group.

2. Undiscovered Poznan

Another great idea for a trip, especially for a couple, is a visit to the capital of Wielkopolska. Poznan, apart from the charming center, is also a number of tourist attractions, including numerous museums. One of them, which is certainly worth visiting during the weekend in May, is Rogalowe, where we will learn about the history and method of production of the famous Rogal Swiętomarcinski. Located on the Old Market Square, i.e. near the Town Hall Tower and the famous Poznan goats, it is the center of local tradition and culture, and its guests can participate, among others, in a croissant workshop, helping the Master himself to make pastries, or get to know the dialect of Wielkopolska and the charming local song.

When visiting Poznan, it is also worth visiting the Museum of Medical University, where we will learn not only the history of the faculty itself, but above all we will see exhibits related to the development of medicine and pharmacy, such as a travel kit, a surgical kit or a fragment of an optical microscope.

If, however, a visit to the museum is not interesting for us, we can always visit the Szachty, or a team of clay in the valley of Stradien Junikowski. It is a beautiful, picturesque area with a rich fauna, and there are not only numerous paths for tourists, but also an observation tower and a walking bridge. An alternative to the Shakes is the Poznan Citadel Park located on the site of the former Winiary Fort. In addition to the Museum of armaments or the "Poznan" Army, there are numerous attractions for families with children, artistic installations and monuments. In addition, the Citadel is a great choice regardless of whether you want to explore the park on foot, on skates or by bike.

And if we are going to stay in Poznan for longer, we have at our disposal beautiful, modern apartments, perfect for a couple. Located near the center, they will allow for a comfortable rest after an intense day full of attractions.

3. Wroclaw which you do not know

The capital of Lower Silesia is not without a reason called the city of meetings. A beautiful historic square, countless cafes and restaurants, the picturesque Odra coast and art galleries are just a few examples of attractions waiting for tourists. However, regardless of whether in May we will visit Wroclaw for the first time, or maybe we have been here before, there are several places that are definitely worth visiting. One of them is the Museum of the world cinema "Moviegate" located in the old bunker in the basement of the square. Hydrochloric acid. Original props, costumes and storyboards from films such as Alien, Matrix, Inglorious Basterds and James Bond. What's more, Moviegate is also a place where we can see what the original shelter from the Second World War looked like.

Another suggestion may be a visit to the Lower Silesian Film Center, or an unusual intimate cinema, whose design resembles the one from the 20th century. It is worth bearing in mind that it is not only an ordinary cinema, but also a cultural institution that deals with the wide promotion of film activities. However, after an interesting screening, it's worth taking a stroll along Dunikowski Boulevard and at night visit the street neon gallery at Ruska str..

Importantly, regardless of whether we are planning to visit Wroclaw with friends or in a family circle, we can choose from many apartments where we can comfortably spend the night. Because they are located in the city center, close to the most important communication points, we can easily reach the most important attractions in the city.

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