5 reasons why should give your flat for short-term rental 08.04.2019

Apartments and apartments for short-term rental from year to year are becoming more and more popular. A high standard of equipment, attractive prices, convenient location or the possibility of a simple online booking - these are just a few factors affecting the interest in this type of offers.

But what if you own an apartment?

Although many property owners decide to use them for long-term rental, it is worth considering other options. One of them is renting a flat for a short period, for example a day, where the management of the premises is done by an external, professional company. Why is it worth to bet on such a solution? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider this option.

1. Peace and satisfaction

Renting a property involves a number of duties. Preparation of real estate, possible repairs, purchase of equipment, systematic visits to the premises and taking care of it being rented - these are just a few of them. In the case of a lease for a day, this list is even longer. Entrusting the management of an external company provides the owner with comfort and peace of mind, because the manager takes care of everything. It will take care of keeping the premises clean, perform necessary repairs, purchase appropriate equipment, and above all, ensure that the apartment is always rented and provides adequate income.

2. Professional support

Companies dealing in professional property management have knowledge, technology and means that will allow for the proper positioning of the offer and its promotion. Using not only their own resources, but also using other intermediary tools in acquiring customers, they will ensure better effectiveness of operations, which will translate directly into the interest in renting a given flat. In addition, as in the case of people who have decided to establish cooperation with us, a professional photo session will be presented presenting the premises in an attractive manner, a description of the property will also be prepared, in which all the advantages of the apartment will be exposed. Often, companies also prepare 3D visualizations or virtual walks.

3. Price optimazation

In order for a day's rental to bring the expected profit, the price of accommodation should be systematically modified, based on external factors, such as time of year or events taking place in a given city. Therefore, in cooperation with our clients, we use the most effective algorithms for setting the accommodation prices so that the apartment enjoys interest throughout the year and we monitor it in 24/7 mode.  

4. High standard

We all realize how important the first impression is. In order for it to be as good as possible, the arrangement of the apartment must be attractive and modern, but at the same time provide the guests with a sense of comfort, so that they feel "at home" as a result. That is why we help our clients in the proper preparation of the premises, so that its equipment and materials used in it are of the highest quality, and the apartment itself complies with the hotel's standards. In addition, we use solutions such as RentingLock electronic locks, thanks to which guests can enter the apartment at any time using the numerical code.

5. Full transparency

All apartment owners cooperating with RentPlanet have a constant view of the booking calendar, they also receive a monthly summary of rental income from us. The aim of such an action is to ensure the highest quality of services provided to our partners, who should be aware of the actions we take and the results they bring. Thanks to the application of modern technologies, they can monitor the level of interest in their real estate and check how many days a month it was rented.

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