A trip to the Tatras: how to prepare? 28.10.2020

Each season allows you to see the mountains from a different side. To do this as often as you want, you have to remember about safety and prepare for such expeditions accordingly. Regardless of the season, it is necessary to prepare the contact to GOPR (985) earlier.

A trip to the Tatra Mountains in autumn - what to take to the mountains?
A must-have backpack! And in it...

  • Water and enough food - on most trails there are points where you can get provisions, but they are open at certain times, so it is worth having your own supplies.
  • Tourist map.
  • First aid kit - its most important elements are: disinfectants, sterile plasters and dressings, bandages, disposable gloves, necessary medicines.

Clothing in the mountains - Tatra mountains in autumn
Shoes - they should protect well against water, so the ones with the membrane are a good choice. It is worth reserving additional space in the shoe for socks, which should be adapted for mountain trips in the autumn (thicker, warmer and reinforced on the toes and heel). If we go to the mountains for the first time, let's put on shoes with a high ankle - this reduces the risk of twisting the pond and protects against water flowing in from the top.

Pants - in the autumn you have to be prepared for various weather conditions on the road and on the top, so it is worth to opt for long softshell pants. Such material allows the skin to breathe and protects against the cold.

Autumn in the mountains are the remains of summer heat and the beginning of winter. If we are accompanied by normal, medium-high temperature at the bottom and most of the way, then on the top we will probably have a cold, wind or even snow waiting for us. Therefore, it is important to take into account the weather changes associated with altitude. In autumn, as in any season of the year, you have to remember about the appropriate headgear.

A trip to the Tatras in winter - what to remember?
Before the expedition, let's check the weather in the Tatra Mountains (it is often different than in Poland). If this is one of the first expeditions, it is better to forget about bravado. If we want to climb more peaks in the future, let's choose simple, safe trails for the beginning. This is important at any time of the year, but the mountains in winter have much more risks. Apart from careful planning of the route, it is worth remembering that in the cold the demand for victuals increases. Just like in autumn, you can not forget about the first aid kit.

Winter Tatras - how to get dressed?
Clothes should be light and at the same time protect against frost, wind and sweat. Suggested dress in the mountains for the winter:

  • thermo-active base consisting of a T-shirt and thin pants in the shape of underpants or leggings, for this layer - a warm sweatshirt and trekking pants,
  • A warm and light jacket, appropriate socks, shoes, cap, gloves.
  • Shoes should not only protect against the cold, but also prevent slipping. They must be resistant to contact with water (snow) and let the leather breathe. Some winter trekking boots are equipped with a membrane that allows them to pass selectively. In winter, the choice of footwear at least for the ankle is necessary. Additionally, you can get stuptons and shoe crampons.

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