Advantages of renting the apartment 24.02.2020

Apartment rental has recently attracted a lot of interest - both landlords and clients who need excellent conditions during their vacation. This solution brings many advantages - let's check which ones are the most important and why you should opt for short-term rental!

The 5 most important advantages of renting apartments

Below are the most important advantages that you should consider when renting your apartment.


Short-term rental of apartments may be more profitable than long-term rental. When does this happen? First of all, this is due to higher rental prices per night, which are related to the location as well as the design and standard. Guests who come to use the apartment are ready to pay sometimes higher amounts, because they are aware of the location's attractiveness, they rent a flat much larger than a dozen or so room in a hotel and they have full equipment at their disposal.

Rental security

Long-term rental of flats involves some risk - delay in paying the tenant or no rent payments. Unfortunately, such situations happen quite often, which is described by numerous examples in the media. When deciding to rent apartments, the rules are much better for the landlord - the customer always pays in advance, so we can be sure that there will be no problems with the integrity of the tenant.

Apartment control

When renting an apartment, it is possible to check its condition more often, this is mainly due to the fact that tenants usually rent premises for days and after this period it is possible to check if any damage has occurred. And if they are caught, they act quickly to restore full functionality and aesthetics of the apartment.

What's more, the guests usually inform about problems or defects, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the apartment in very good condition.

Price flexibility

As the owner of the apartment, you have the option of influencing its price freely, moreover, of changing it frequently, e.g. between subsequent rentals. If you see that your offer is very popular, you can raise the price a bit and thus gain even more. In the case of long-term rental, it is difficult due to the current contract, which in most cases lasts min. year.

Possibility of using assistance

By working with companies providing assistance in the preparation and promotion of the apartment, you can enjoy the best results. Services such as home staging, booking and guest services, as well as the creation and display of attractive ads mean that the landlord is relieved of many responsibilities and can count on maximizing profits.

So let's present your needs and get help tailored to individual expectations, and then derive satisfactory profits from the rental of apartments.

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