Home staging - 10 tips on how to arrange an interior for short-term rental 05.10.2020

Home staging is a professional preparation of a property for short term rental or sale. It consists in highlighting the advantages of the interior and making it as attractive as possible for a potential guest. Here are the 10 most important things you should pay attention to in order to be able to rent your apartment quickly and at a good price!

Keep order and smell nice

Home staging is all about order. A mess, cluttered rooms or personal items make a potential tenant quickly look for another offer. So make sure that the apartment is perfectly clean, tidy and ready for immediate use - then you will increase your chances for a quick short-term rental. It's also worth to ventilate the apartment or use indoor fragrances. From the very entrance, the guest must feel good inside. And a nice, fresh smell makes it possible.

Remove any faults

Non-working equipment, unpainted walls, broken cabinets in the kitchen or other faults cause the apartment to lose value. Your guests want to use interiors that are functional and give maximum comfort, therefore, if necessary, replace the equipment with fully functional and carry out even a small renovation.

Change the arrangement of furniture

If necessary, your goal should be to create a functional space where everything fits together. So that the landlord knows where the living room, dining room or relaxation area is located.

The more space, the better. Even a small space can seem to be optically larger when you remove unnecessary furniture, adjust its size to the room or use bright colors. Remember also a lot of natural light!

Create the right climate

To make your space more attractive, take care of pillows, blankets, candles, flowers, pictures in frames or pictures on the walls. So that the whole thing fits together perfectly and your guest, who decides to rent for a short time, will feel at home in the apartment.

Supply the interior

Remember about the necessary furniture, such as a table with chairs, sofa or armchairs and, of course, equipment (TV set, refrigerator, etc.). The better equipped your apartment will be, the more popular it will be.

Remove unfashionable elements

Old wallpaper with unfashionable design? Paintwork on the walls in the hallway? A chandelier that remembers the times of communist Poland? All of these elements are "old" and can effectively deter potential tenants. Remove them and replace with more modern equipment.

Use appropriate colors and take care of the lighting

White, beige and various shades of gray are the noncommittal, fashionable colors that will "modernize" interiors. Use intensive, vivid colors only in the form of small accents.

Take care of the lighting

Attractive and diverse lighting will not only affect the comfort of guests, but also improve the aesthetics of the interior. Take care of the ceiling and desk lamps as well as spotlights - modern and giving the right color of light.

Bathroom and kitchen must shine

The bathroom and kitchen play a very important role. The landlords pay most attention to these rooms. First of all, they must be functional and clean. The kitchen should contain nice tableware, mugs and glasses. The bathroom must be hygienically clean and fresh.

Take professional photos

In order to make short-term rental more popular, take care of aesthetic, high quality photos in your ad. This is one of the bases of home staging!


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