How to promote a property so that it enjoys interest? 29.07.2019

Bearing in mind the characteristics of the short-term rental market, its dispersion and competitiveness, proper promotion of real estate is very important. The goal is of course to reach the widest possible group of potential clients.

How does RentPlanet support its partners in this regard?

Services, companies, or private owners offering apartments for short-term rental are increasing year by year, and thus - competition is increasing. This means that even high-standard premises located in an interesting location require appropriate promotion so that the offer of their rental reaches a suitably profiled group of recipients. The selection of tools is not accidental - we focus only on those solutions that ensure the expected effectiveness and a satisfactory rate of conversion of advertising costs into the quantity and price of the booking. The reason for this is, among others the fact that with all clients we settle in the commission system, that is why it is also very important for us that each of the apartments should bring maximum revenues.

Step 1 - a properly prepared description

The first step is to prepare the proper description of the apartment, make a professional photo session, and often prepare a virtual walk. The set of materials promoting the apartment is published not only on our platform, but also on the pages of over 200 partner websites, including, and However, thanks to satisfied and systematically returning guests, as well as regular marketing activities, our own platform has a growing share in our reservations, which reduces the cost of commission for external intermediary websites.

Step 2 - additional supporting activities

The inclusion of a suitably prepared description of the apartment is obviously not the only activities undertaken by RentPlanet. We also have regular cooperation with a PR agency and SEO specialists, we implement campaigns in social media and SEM activities. In addition, we work with travel agencies, as well as companies that have offices in the area of ​​the apartments that we manage. We also distribute corporate offers. Technology allows us not only to offer apartments on various websites, but also to conduct in-depth analytics thanks to which we know, among others where are the guests and how they came to our offer. In this way, we can undertake activities focused on a given region or state on an ongoing basis, engage appropriate intermediary sites and properly position the offer.

In reaching our clients, we also have a constant presence in the media, including,,,, or, as well as constantly conducted activities in the field of digital marketing, thanks to which the number of visits on the website is systematically increasing.

Equally important, we constantly monitor the market, including competition. It allows us to react to changes taking place on the market and adjust the operating model to the expectations of our partners and apartment guests. We cooperate not only with Polish but also with foreign entities, we systematically look for new solutions, and soon we plan to implement a new, innovative tool that only large hotel chains have had access to so far. It will significantly affect the quality of service provided, and thus the satisfaction of our guests.

Step 3 - promotion adapted to the premises

Some apartments, due to their location and standard of finish, enjoy unflagging interest, regardless of the promotion methods used. Other premises, however, require more involvement. In their case, we intensify marketing activities so as to achieve the assumed results, both in terms of forecasted occupancy and estimated rate of return. It should be kept in mind that the specificity of a given place has a major impact on the attractiveness of the offer itself, the pace of sales or the price level. Among other things, for this reason, we are constantly introducing new solutions that will support the promotion of real estate managed by us. For example, in several locations we decided to introduce stay packages - our guests can count on additional profits included in the standard price of accommodation, including, among others. breakfast or discounts on selected regional attractions.

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