The most common mistakes when renting short-term 24.09.2020

Short-term rental is only seemingly an easy task. There are many obstacles that stand in your way and which may prevent you from finding customers and thus achieve the right income. Which of them are most often committed by landlords and how can you avoid them? Let's check!

A sparing or uninteresting description

Advertising is a lever of trade - a saying that also works for short-term rentals. A real and encouraging description is very important in this case, thanks to which your guests will learn all the necessary information about the apartment, its location, surrounding attractions or facilities. It is a common mistake to underestimate this issue - some landlords think that the photos of the interiors will be enough to encourage customers to visit. Meanwhile, this description is crucial and should be written with an idea and without mistakes.

Remember, always provide true information in the apartment descriptions. A lie or even a slight coloring will surely be verified by the customer and may affect the opinions about your services.

Poor quality photos of the apartments

Equally important are, of course, the photos - aesthetic, showing the true face of your apartments and taken with appropriate equipment. They are the showcase of your offer and encourage you to visit. Therefore, prepare to take them, clean the interiors and don't rush - it will certainly translate into interest in renting the apartments.

Improper communication with guests

Each of your guests must be the most important for you, so it is necessary to ensure proper communication. Unfortunately, many owners make numerous mistakes in this aspect, which include non-responding to comments or emails, haughtiness and disrespectful attitude towards the client. This will certainly not help you to gain good opinions and increase your income.

Incorrect or incomplete interior design

Another mistake is neglecting the quality of the arrangement - none of us are immediately born a designer, but numerous inspirations, available e.g. on the Internet, help to create great conditions and decoration. The mistakes also include making spoiled equipment available to the apartment landlords or lack of equipment - such as cleaning products, towels or toilet paper.

Ignoring customer suggestions

This is a very common mistake - the "I know better" approach is the first step towards the abyss. Listening to customers' opinions, analyzing and improving your offer based on their suggestions can significantly improve the quality of your offer. So resist criticism and count on the opinions of others!

Adequate prices

Too cheap in the season, too expensive outside it? Invariably all year round? Unnecessary, discouraging additional fees? These are common mistakes that should be avoided - by optimizing prices in the right way, you will gain a chance for many guests and high profits accordingly.

In order to avoid these and other mistakes and not to worry about renting, take advantage of the RentPlanet offer - our specialists will make sure that your apartment rental is perfect in every respect!

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