Are you looking for accommodation? Here's what to look for, while looking for a place for a few days 19.06.2019

Renting apartments for days instead of a hotel room or a guest house during holidays is an increasingly popular solution. It's hard to be surprised - a high standard of finish, competitive prices, modern arrangements or additional equipment are just a few selected arguments in favor of short-term rental.

If you are planning a vacation or even a one-day trip outside the city, instead of reserving a hotel room, you should consider short-term rental of the apartment. What to look for, however, when looking for such a place?

Where is the apartment?

The first factor that we should consider when choosing an apartment is its location, especially if you travel by train, bus or plane. Lack of a car means that we will move around the city most likely with the help of public transport, so it's good that the place is in the city center (if you are planning a tourist trip) or near the object that interests you, which will be especially important, for example during business trips. The small distance between the place of our stay and the destination will affect the comfort of the trip, as well as will save you a priceless time, which would otherwise be spent in traffic jams or commuting.

Equipment and number of seats

If you plan a longer stay in a given place, it will also be important to furnish the apartment. Washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or a complete tableware will make you feel at home and undoubtedly significantly facilitate the use of the apartment. Ultimately, the opportunity to do even a small wash or prepare dinner at home, in some situations may be a significant convenience, especially if we went on holiday with the whole family.

Although it may be surprising for some, another aspect that should also be noted is the number of beds in a given apartment. Even if the basic description of the property suggests that several people can sleep in a given apartment, it does not always equal the same number of single beds. Some premises are equipped, for example, only in marriage beds, which may turn out to be a rather uncomfortable solution if you plan, for example, a business trip. Bearing in mind who will ultimately sleep in the apartment, we should also verify on which floor there is a property and whether the building has been adapted to the needs of people with, for example, motor disabilities.

How to register?

A very important aspect that can cause many problems is the way of handing over the keys to the apartment. This affects not only the time when we can come to the apartment or leave it, but also means the need to guard keys and the potential risk of losing them, and sometimes even picking up keys in a different place than the chosen apartment. Among other things, for these reasons, we recommend to our clients the installation of electronic locks opened using disposable, dedicated numeric codes. This solution is ultimately a significant facilitation not only for the owner of the property, but above all, the guests who stayed there.

It's hard not to mention the factor such as the price per night. Importantly, it usually applies to the whole flat, not to an individual. However, its influence is influenced by many factors, from the size of the flat, through the street at which it is located, and at the time of the year. When choosing a short-term rental during the holiday season or in a popular tourist destination, we must take into account that the price per night may be higher than we originally expected. We can expect the highest rates for flats in a very good location, with sizes ranging from 35 to 50 sq m. For example, for 4 nights in a three-person apartment located in the center of Wroclaw, we will pay in September (ie a period of numerous trainings, business trips or conferences) from approx. 600 - 750 PLN. In the case of Krakow, this amount will usually be slightly lower, but in Zakopane it will be higher by about PLN 100, because September is still the holiday season in this city. It is worth getting acquainted with the prices in force in a given period in order to easily book a place that interests us and to have a good stay.

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