Chlebova Apartamenty 24.08.2020

We are more and more willing to invest in apartments not to live in them, but to invest our savings in a beneficial way. Experts say that we gain much more from it than from keeping money in bank deposits or investing in funds. However, in order to earn well on renting an apartment, it is worth buying it in the best possible location and from a trusted developer.

Such a place is the CHLEBOVA Apartments. A space created for people who appreciate the historical climate. A combination of modern, high comfort architectural solutions with historic elements symbolizing the genesis of the name. It is a place with a soul, which despite its location in the city center gives a sense of privacy, providing beautiful views. The interiors of the CHLEBOVA investment are modern solutions created from high quality materials, which have been enriched with artifacts from the destroyed Bread Factory. In this way the investment gained a historical background, which from the point of view of the city's inhabitants has a great sentimental value. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of CHLEBOVA's location, a terrace was created on the roof of the building. It offers a charming view of the building: Main town, ships sailing on the Motlawa River, Granary Island and the Port. It is an extremely charming and peaceful place, where you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in intimate conditions.

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