Easter 2019 with children in the mountains? 15.01.2019

Winter is slowly coming to an end, soon we will be welcomed by spring, and with it will come time to relax during Easter. Are you wondering if it is worth spending them, as usual at home, or maybe doing something different this time?

Wielkanoc z dziećmi w górach

See why it is worth to go with children from home to Easter and why Polish mountains might be a good direction! We suggest where to go and what to do with children during the holiday. 

Spend Easter differently

Wyjazdy na święta z dziećmi

We associate Easter with relaxation, family atmosphere, lots of free time, spent together, playing together, painting Easter eggs, or during walks... However, if you are a mother, you probably know that it looks a bit different in reality ;) You are so busy, you have so many things on your mind, so many responsibilities - all to please relatives. The only question is what is more important for your loved ones, whether they will be able to eat delicious food and sleep in a clean bedclothes, or maybe they will spend Christmas together with you?

We assure you that your children will be happy to leave with you, having parents always with you and enjoy the full time you have for a rest. 

Visit Polish mountains!

Wielkanoc w górach z dziećmi

Why mountains are the best choice for spending Easter? Well, because first of all these areas are less crowded then. Most often, we wish you peace during Christmas. The sight of the mountains itself calms down, and spending time with the family in the bosom of nature, far from the big-city noise, in beautiful natural circumstances is an ideal idea for regenerating and recharging the batteries before returning to everyday life. In addition, many mountain resorts prepare for the holidays a lot of entertainment for children, such as painting eggs together using various techniques, integration games related to Easter, or contests for the most interesting basket.

Where's the best?

Of course, Zakopane always comes to mind first. But this is one of the most popular places to stay during long weekends and holidays, so we offer you a great alternative - Karkonosze! Often referred to as the Polish Alps due to the richness of mountain landscape sculptures, Karkonosze is a great idea for a holiday with children.

Play together!

Atrakcje podczas Wielkanocy w górach z dziećmi

In addition to painting eggs together, there are plenty of things to see and play in the Giant Mountains! Children will certainly be happy to hear about places like the Miniature Monuments Park of Lower Silesia, where you can see a lot of Lower Silesian palaces in miniature, as well as a model of the Karkonosze and Sniezka parts. A sensational attraction in Karpacz is also the Bajek Park, in which we walk through forest paths, visit fairy-tale huts, and each of them has a different story waiting for us. Children will also appreciate the natural attractions near Szklarska Poreba, prepared by the Karkonosze nature, such as numerous waterfalls, the trail of stone signposts, and the search for traces of the Mountain Spirit. Among other things, these attractions make Szklarska Poreba the best place to stop with children on Christmas.

Karpacz is definitely worth a visit and staying in Szklarska Poreba one can not forget to drive it that way. Remember, however, that it lies at the foot of the Sniezka Mountain, where the snow cover lasts until May, and the snow can pour in there even in summer! Taking into account the weather in recent years, it is possible that the selection of Giant Mountains on Easter will be perfect for a family skiing trip! 

Śnieg i Wielkanoc w górach

Regardless of whether Easter 2019 will surprise us with snow or sun, surely Szklarska Poreba and Karkonosze are a place worth choosing this season for a family holiday. See our spacious apartments in Szklarska Poreba maintained in a rustic style, ideal for a large family and spend an unforgettable Christmas in one of them!


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