Where to eat in Krakow ? 19.09.2018

Do you want to visit Krakow and have heard so much about great restaurants, charming cafes and the rich, night life of the city, but you still do not know where to go to eat well at a reasonable price? You've come to the right place!

Gdzie zjeść w Krakowie? Podpowiadamy!

We present you our own list... places where we think it's worth eating and which you will surely remember after staying in the city of kings :)

Breakfast is the basis

Śniadanie w Krakowie - gdzie zjeść?

Cafe Camelot

A place where at any time of the year is cozy and tasty. In principle, it is not a typical breakfast room, but it has interesting proposals, and everything is surrounded by paintings, old furniture, in a very Krakow atmosphere. Certainly it is worth to look here, if not for the whole breakfast, even for the morning coffee.

Moment Resto Bar & Music

If you are in Kazimierz, eat breakfast at Moment Resto. The place will captivate you with its colorful design and comfortable armchairs. But you also eat a really good and solid breakfast here. We assure you that you will not go out of here hungry.


If you feel like something other than frankfurters, or just do not eat such things, drop by Veganica on the Dolnych Mlynow. Eat here a delicious porridge, a tofu omelette or a solid portion of pancakes. One of the most interesting places for a vegan breakfast.

Perfect lunch

Whether business or with friends, lunch should be good, reasonably priced and quickly served. So where is the best place to go for dinner? See.

Lunch w Krakowie - gdzie go zjeść?


This place has recently appeared frequently on the languages of crises. Good music, great decor, lots of greenery (the pub promotes healthy breathing and combating Krakow's smog), a relaxed atmosphere and modern flavors. Recommended especially to startupwcom and people looking for modern, bold connections. Here you can eat pizza, pasta, seafood, hummus, but also a black hamburger. 


Maybe not necessarily for a business lunch, but if you're looking for something quickly, this place is perfect for you! Pizza, not only that you compose it, you will get it right after you pay - it takes so much and takes place exactly when you are standing at the checkout. By far the most express pizza in Krakow and we have to admit that it's quite bad;)

Coffee and cake

We could not forget to recommend you the most interesting places for a coffee and delicious cake. On our list everyone will find something for themselves.

Kawa w Krakowie - gdzie?

Nowa Prowincja on Bracka str.

If you like the atmosphere of old interiors, the smell of old furniture, the decor that does not match at first glance, drop in "Na Bracka do Turnaua" - a café strongly associated with an artist belonging to his family. Who knows, maybe you'll even meet some Krakow artist? This is a cult place in Krakow, and although it's famous for its delicious chocolate, it's definitely worth going for a coffee after dinner and a chocolate cake.

Cupcake Corner

And now something for lovers of modern cakes, or muffins. If you can not imagine dessert without them, this place is an absolute must visit. Different flavors, interesting appearance and a luscious taste will make you remember these muffins for a long time;) Coffee is also quite good. We recommend!

Bunkier Sztuki

Here, it is definitely worth to go in the summer. But beware - although there are a lot of tables - there is always a problem with finding a free one! This is definitely a place for lovers of curiosities. The cafe is located in a transparent pavilion just before the entrance to the Contemporary Art Gallery. Directly in the restaurant you can buy a ticket for the exhibition. This is a less touristy place, but you will surely find many locals here. 

Dinner with friends or for two?

Are you planning a longer property with friends with good wine? Choose one of the popular Italian pubs or with modern Polish cuisine. Remember, however, that the restaurant, which we recommend below, is required to make a reservation in advance, preferably the day before.

Kolacja ze znajomymi w Krakowie - gdzie?


If it's Friday or Saturday, do not count on going here without a reservation. Everything here is delicious, but we especially recommend you to go here for one of the best, not the best pizza in Krakow.


Restaurant Wesele or her sister Honey Malina is a place where you will discover Polish cuisine again. We will not recommend anything specific here, because we are sure that you will be satisfied with every choice. And you will certainly not leave this place without dessert;)

Pod Wawelem

A mocha company, or a Galician feast with a view of Wawel. Sounds nice? And so it is! This place is especially for those who like to eat, because the portions are really huge! Have you ever eaten a pork-sized pizza? Or a half-meter skewer? If not, then you must visit this place. You will be delighted not only with food, decor, but also with service. Be careful only what kind of beer you order, because here small = half-liter, and large ... well, check it yourself;)

However, if you care about a romantic dinner, take your beloved one of our favorite locations, depending on your preferred tastes.

Wesele w Krakowie - gdzie je zorganizować?

Zazie Bistro

If it's supposed to be love and romance, it's only in French ;) This lovely little pub is the place you want to come back to. Snails and mussels are particularly noteworthy here. But there are always some new items outside the card. The best and always fresh ingredients and talented chef is a guarantee of a delicious evening.


Jozef Street on Kazimierz is full of delicious pubs. The above-mentioned Zazie, or the tiny Youmiko sushi bar. Ever since we discovered this place, we do not eat sushi anywhere else. This is definitely the best sushi in Krakow and the specific atmosphere and manner of serving that you need to discover!

Dawno temu na Kazimierzu

The third offer for a romantic evening and also magical Kazimierz. This time something more in a climate. Ha - even the most as possible! The entire pub resembles a small, old Jewish apartment. From the entrance, where old signs can be seen, feel the atmosphere of Jewish culture. Here you will feel like you are moving in time. A really amazing place.

And how do you like our suggestions? There are so many interesting places in Krakow that we will certainly write another part of the places recommended by us :) And our accommodation offer in Krakow is still growing, check and book one of our apartments. 

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