Holiday in the capital of Lower Silesia - 3 places that you must see 11.06.2019

Wroclaw is not without a reason called the meeting city. Lively, full of colors, flavors, diverse pubs and restaurants, as well as languages from around the world, is a perfect place for a weekend getaway or a short break.

If you are going with your family or friends to Wroclaw - one thing is for sure. Regardless of whether you spend the weekend in it, or the whole week, you will not miss the attractions worth seeing. And although such objects as Panorama Raclawicka, Zoo, Botanical Garden, Ostrow Tumski, Sukiennice or the National Museum are one of the most recommended places, it is not only worth seeing them.

Cultural Center Castle in Leśnica

One of them is undoubtedly the Zamek Culture Center, located in the probably founded in 1132 beautiful castle in Leśnica. It was the seat of not only the Czech king Jan Luxemburg, but also the family von Hörnig or the starosta of Silesia, Horatio von Forn, who bought the palace in 1651. After numerous perturbations, including the occupation of Silesia by Prussia, devastation after the war or fire in 1953, in 1963 the castle was entered into the register of monuments of Wrocław, and in subsequent years it was systematically undergoing subsequent renovations. Currently, it is a beautiful, restored building, in the immediate vicinity of which is a charming park, perfect for family walks. The Zamek Cultural Center itself organizes numerous exhibitions and workshops during which works by Polish painters, graphic artists and photographers are presented. CKZ also implements numerous proprietary cultural projects, including the nationwide meetings of fantasy enthusiasts held during the holiday season, or the festival focused on the historical methods of brewing. In a word, it is a place that is definitely worth a visit on a lazy sunny Sunday.

Japanese Garden

Another suggestion worth considering is certainly a visit to the Japanese Garden located in the Szczytnicki Park, next to the Centennial Hall. This is one of the few souvenirs remaining after the World Exhibition held in 1913 and at the same time probably one of the most peaceful and quiet places in Wroclaw in general. One of the then Japanese culture enthusiasts, or Count Fritz von Hochberg, was responsible for his original project, who together with the gardener Mankichi Arai created this unusual garden, which is a tribute to the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Its shape has remained practically unchanged until 1996, when the city authorities with the support of the Japanese Embassy began work to improve the Japanese Garden, in which the main specialists were Nagoya, including architects, garden designers and gardeners themselves. As a result, every, even the smallest element of the project is consistent with the Japanese art of arranging gardens, thanks to which the Wroclaw Japanese Garden impresses with its original, unique beauty. All visitors will undoubtedly delight the water cascade and the pond located in the central part, to which leads a wide alley departing from the monumental main gate. The unique atmosphere is added by stone lanterns, age-old Goya carps, which can be admired from the perspective of the bridge joining the two banks of the pond, as well as the Sukija pavilion located in the southern part of the garden. So if you dream about a visit to Japan or simply fascinate you with the culture of this country, the Japanese Garden is a must for your trip.


A place completely different, which will probably surprise not only the youngest but also adults, is the Wroclaw Hydropolis, opened in 2015. Centrum Wiedzy o Wodzie is a space that is interesting because it combines models or faithful replicas with modern solutions, such as touch screens available for guests, interactive installations or multimedia technologies, making the visit itself an interesting adventure even from the perspective of adult visitors. What is equally interesting, Hydropolis is the only such facility in Poland and at the same time one of the few in the whole world. In this historic, underground water reservoir from the nineteenth century, there are exhibitions presenting the history of water engineering, the evolution of life over the last billions of years, extraordinary creatures inhabiting the water depths, and even water printing. So if during the visit in the capital of Lower Silesia we want to learn more from the field of biology or engineering, this is one of the places that is definitely worth seeing.

However, bearing in mind the location of all described attractions, it should be remembered that the best solution will be to find accommodation in the immediate city center, as it is separated by a considerable distance. That is why it is worth to put up a place near the main communication routes, close to bus or tram lines, thanks to which we will reach directly to the place. One of the proposals will be comfortable, fully equipped, modern apartments, among others at Laciarska Street, Swidnicka Street or those located directly in the Market Square. In this way, not only will we provide easy transport, but also easily find a charming restaurant, perfect to spend a summer evening.

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