Home office overlooking the sea 12.10.2021

There are many indications that employees will not return to their offices too soon.

And not only because of the increase in the incidence of Covid-19, but also the habits acquired during the pandemic. An increasing number of people focus on remote work without restrictions - performed in places they choose, e.g. in an apartment with a view of the sea or mountains. In this way, they combine professional duties with pleasure.

- A dozen or so months ago, the model popular today remained in the sphere of employees' dreams. Today, working outside the office has virtually no limitations, all you need is a laptop, good Internet and access to a printer. We observe that more and more people go to work in their favorite places. They no longer have restrictions related to the compulsory stay in the office, so they choose a home office ... outside of home - says Mateusz Sabak from RentPlanet.

The company, which has nearly a thousand places in apartments all over Poland, adapts to the expectations of its customers. In addition to high-speed Internet, it provides the necessary office equipment - printers and scanners - wherever possible. Thanks to this, home office supporters can work from a different place almost every day.

Meanwhile, six out of ten Poles expect that after the pandemic is over, they will not have to return to their offices - they will work remotely or hybrid, i.e. partially from home. In the IT industry, as many as 93 percent of them focus on a flexible work system. specialists. During the time of the coronavirus, the percentage of remote workers has tripled, reaching almost 30%, and 63%. the group would like to permanently work remotely, preferably for one or two days a week, according to Inquiry Market Research.

According to experts, employers, unfavorable to remote work, changed their minds about this scheme after the outbreak of the pandemic. Contrary to their earlier fears, the efficiency of subordinates in most companies has not decreased, and the obtained autonomy is conducive to their efficiency and quality of work.

It is not without significance that as much as 64 percent. Home office supporters said they would look for a new employer should the current one require a return to the office.

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