In the Tatras with children 10.05.2018

Do you plan a family trip to Zakopane, but you do not want to bother children and sightseeing yourself among the crowded and noisy routes? Do you want to avoid the bustle of Krupowki and rest in the bosom of nature? Or maybe you just want to come to the mountains, but you do not know where to go with a small child, to be as happy with the trip as you?

We suggest a few solutions, both for kids who are already walking themselves, as well as those who need you and the trolley to explore the world :)

Chocholowska Valley

Let's start with the easiest ones, which at the same time will be a great idea to get into the mountains with a pram. Of course, when going to the mountains it is worth having decent wheels;)

The first recommended route both with a pram and without is Chocholowska Valley, often called the most beautiful Tatra valley. Of course, which of the valleys and routes is the most beautiful, we leave to your subjective assessment. However, without a doubt, it is the longest and largest valley in the Polish Tatras, about 10 km long. It is an ideal trail for gentle walks with children, and at the same time a great place to go to the higher parts of the Western Tatras, among others on Grzes, which is no longer a pram, but you can easily go with your bigger children, if you can get to the hostel early. By conquering Grzes you can use the lift by train to Polana Huciska. An additional advantage of the valley is the possibility of cycling on it.

Strazyska Valley

All other valleys will be most suitable for peaceful hikes with children. The Strazyska Valley (where our apartments are located) is another perfect choice. On the Glade of Strazyska, Tea House Parzenica will be waiting for you, where you can admire the beautiful views, rest while eating delicious dishes and sipping even better tea. You can also arrange a small picnic with children here. If you do not go with a pram, here we have a proposal for you to continue your trip with slightly larger children and visit the waterfall Siklawica - children will be delighted!

White Valley

Probably one of the least crowded valleys, easy, light and relatively short, and at the same time very charming. There are of course beautiful views, of course, but also numerous bridges over Bialy Potok, which will certainly be an attraction for kids. A thick forest will surround you, but at some moments the forest thinns and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fragment of Dlugie Giewont. In the valley you will also find beautiful cascades and limestone rocks as well as rare plant species.

Koscieliska Valley

It is next to Chocholowska and Strazyska, the most famous and besieged valley. The second largest, only a kilometer shorter than Chocholowska. The Koscieliska Valley itself is a real masterpiece shaped by nature. The Koscieliski Stream flows through the lower part of the valley, and in the upper part you can admire crystalline rocks with interesting shapes and unusual names. The valley also abounds in numerous caves - and this is definitely one of the strongest arguments why it is worth visiting it with children :) In addition, from the valley it is worth going to the Hala Stoly, where the blue trail leads. The trail is blind, thanks to which there are a lot less tourists here, and the place itself is wonderful with a beautiful view of Czerwone Wierchy.

In addition to these four valleys, it is also worth visiting the Valley of Lejowa, Dolina za Bramka, Dolina do Dziurze, and above all Dolina Malej Laki, where in the spring children can hike around a flower-filled meadow with a guaranteed wonderful view of the turn.

Is this when you plan a trip to the mountains with kids? Wherever you go, remember to approach the child individually and adjust the route to its possibilities. Please, assume that it will take you at least twice as much time to complete the route ;) Remember also about the proper preparation, you will definitely need a lot of water, food, appropriate clothes, first aid kit and flashlights! We have a great starting point for you. In Zakopane, we have well-located apartments in the Villa Spiacy Rycerz just at the entrance to the Strazyska Valley. Check availability and book one of them here >> Apartments in Zakopane

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