Krakow differently - the city in the footsteps of Cracovians 01.03.2019

Have you ever wondered what the Cracovians are doing during the weekend? Are you going to visit Krakow again and want to do something different this time, avoid the crowds and experience the real magic of the city? We will present you this time ideas for an unusual vacation in and around Krakow.

A couple of Krakow's couple or family would be tempted to spend the spring weekend. See what we have prepared for you!


Spring, beautiful weather, sun, gentle breeze. Such conditions need to be well used and fully rechargeable batteries! And this is best combined with activity in the bosom of nature :) What are the most popular choices and activities for Cracovians?

One of the most beautiful places in Krakow, from which you can admire the wonderful panorama of the city is the Krakus Mound. Definitely less known to tourists, it is an ideal place not only for a pleasant walk, but also great for day-long lazing and picnicking. You will not forget a picnic with such a view!

Cracovians love to spend their free time outside Krakow, but there is a condition, of course;) It must be close and preferably so close that you can go there from the house on a bike! Yes, definitely a bike is one of the favorite forms of craziness activity. Therefore, Tyniec or Fathers usually choose bicycle trips. Tyniec, is a former village near Krakow, which was incorporated into the city and is known primarily thanks to the Benedictine monastery, being one of the richest and most important of its kind in Poland. In addition, from Krakow to Tyniec leads a beautifully located bike path along the Vistula, thanks to which we can get to the monastery by bike in less than an hour from the city center.

Another favorite cycling destination for Cracovians is Fathers and Dolinki Podkrakowskie, especially Dolinka Bedkowska and Bolechowicka with numerous caves, waterfalls and Sokolica - the highest rock on the Jura, over 90 m high. To Fathers we have to count a minimum of 1.5 hours and we do not have such a simplified task as in the case of Tyniec, but the journey will certainly be equally interesting, the more so as we choose the so-called. Trail of the Eagles' Nests, thanks to which our route will be diversified by field, asphalt and gravel roads. The entire route is about 24 kilometers long. If you have time and like a bike, we highly recommend you this way of reaching Ojcowski Park Krajobrazowy.


If, however, you are not a supporter of an active holiday or you have planned to visit Krakow, we have some suggestions for you and it is not the Main Market Square! ;)

Kazimierz is definitely a beloved district of Cracovians. Not only because of the numerous, atmospheric pubs that definitely differ from the market climate. But also because of the best street food, the power of attractions and the specific atmosphere of the district hovering in the air. You will certainly not meet as many students or high school students here as on the Market Square. After crossing 30, crooks naturally move to Kazimierz and change the style of partying;)

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Podgorze, another district worth visiting, which is slowly starting to chase Kazimierz. This is a place that is gaining more and more enthusiasts from year to year. If we are talking about Podgorze, we want to recommend to you, according to us, one of the most worth visiting museums in Krakow, namely the Schindler's Museum and Mocak, which is located nearby. It is worth spending one day in Krakow on these two objects. Mocak presents the art of the last 20 years in the context of post-war avant-garde and conceptualism, and tries to explain to visitors the sense of creating art by indicating its cognitive-ethical values ​​and connections with everyday life. It sounds interesting? ;)

For those of you who have seen the Schindler's List of Steven Spielberg and are interested in the period of World War II, the Schindler's Factory is the No. 1 place to visit in Krakow. This is where the film was made. On the other hand, the pictures for the camp scenes were made in the Lebanon quarry, which can be seen from the previously mentioned Krakus Mound. For the purpose of the film, a rich set of sceneries was built here, the numerous fragments of which have remained to this day.

We hope that we were able to interest you with a new look at spending time in Krakow and during the next visit you decide on one of our ideas. Are you going to Krakow soon? See which of our apartments are still available >> Apartments in Krakow

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