RentingLock - comfort and convenience in the first place 22.05.2019

Short-term rental of real estate is associated with a large turnover of guests who each time expect a comfortable access to the apartment. Handing over the keys may be cumbersome for the owner in this situation, and sometimes even impossible.

The solution is electronic locks that allow you to completely eliminate all difficulties

The necessity to receive guests each time and the presence of their guests when checking in, handing over the keys, or keeping the reception desk are just a few of the inconveniences associated with renting a property for a day. To speed up and streamline this process, both from the point of view of the owners of the apartments and the guests themselves, we have introduced RentingLock - electronic door locks to our offer. Importantly, their functioning does not require constant access to the Internet, bluetooth or external power sources. For this purpose, ordinary AA batteries are sufficient, because the codes enabling their opening are generated unidirectionally, similar to "tokens", which some banks give to their clients. A unique combination of numbers that allows you to open the apartment door, works only for the duration of booking a specific apartment and it can range from an hour to even 1000 days.

Electronic locks in practice

For all apartments that we take over in management, the first step is to verify that the entrance door leading to their apartment is adequate and whether the RentingLock will match them. Otherwise, we advise you on what kind of mortice locks a door needs to be replaced. The installation of the coded lock together with the handle does not take more than an hour, but its activation is possible through a clear and intuitive online panel - just enter in it the unique serial number of the lock. Also through it, the owner of the apartment can independently generate access codes for guests.

Freedom and security

The use of RentingLock locks in the case of a short-term rental, regardless of whether the apartment reservation is made via the online, e-mail or telephone system, will eliminate the risk of losing the keys, but also their making, which reduces the risk of potential theft. It is also a decisive facilitation in a situation in which guests arrive earlier than they announced or want to check in in the middle of the night. For the owners, it means not only saving time, but also a higher quality of services, which translates into the competitiveness of the offer and greater interest in their apartment.

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