The best restaurants in Zakopane 06.02.2019

In the Polish capital of the mountains - our beloved Zakopane - there are so many restaurants and all so busy that it is really hard to find one where there will be really good food, a real highland atmosphere and after leaving, from which we will feel that it was the best time spent.

See our subjective guide to the best Zakopane restaurants and be sure to check them out yourself!

Karczma Zabi Dwor

This is a place full of frogs, but also great paintings, clocks and other trinkets, which the inn is filled to the brim. This unusual interior creates an amazing atmosphere. But what you should really choose is an unforgettable sour soup. Served portion is so great that you can easily treat it as a portion for two. Are you looking for the best sourdough? Be sure to visit Zabi Dwor.

Bakowo Zohylina Niznio

Live music, service with truly highlander humor, wild on the walls, Santa's sleigh on the ceiling, dishes in heated saucepans, definitely highlander atmosphere and fantastic food. This is one of the best rated restaurants with local cuisine not only by us but by tourists visiting Zakopane. The only thing you can complain about here is the lack of places ;) Therefore, we recommend making a reservation in advance. Really worth!

Restauracja Javorina

And now the place is very close to our apartments and Willa Spiacy Rycerz. The restaurant is distant from the center and that is why it has to defend itself with wonderful food. And you will find here too. The place is a classic wooden house and equally classic, wooden interior. However, what you will find here is a wonderful corner for children, blue chairs with folk patterns and green boxes, and beautiful and delicious food will delight all your senses. As you have been so much sour about it, be sure to try the beetroot cream here. Excellent!

Restauracja Zakopianska

"I am already dreaming about coming back", "You can only give 5", "Definitely mandatory address" - these are just some of the opinions of people who have tasted food in the Zakopianska restaurant. We were delighted with beautifully served dishes, wonderful taste of soups, headed by mutton on lamb and goulash. And next to dumplings with bryndza, pesto and dried tomatoes just can not pass by! This place will satisfy even the most demanding ;)


Karczma Obrochtowka

An interesting place to visit, especially with a view to a family dinner, is certainly Obrochtowka. Not only because of the restaurant being placed in a historic building (the villa was built in 1898, and since 971 serves as an inn), or for the revolution that Magda Gessler made here. But for really good food and pleasant climate. 

Karczma Sywor

If you are in Zakopane by car or you like really long walks and you feel like trout - then we recommend visiting Koscielisko. The inn is famous for its trout and that it is possible to watch it while eating :) The floors are glazed, and the sturgeons and trouts swim under them. The location of the inn on the ponds with fish swimming under the floor, in a forest glade, far from people, guarantees a wonderfully spent afternoon or evening.

Karczma Czarci Jar

The most delicious in Zakopane? Some tourists say so. We were captivated by a climatic interior with a fire in the middle! And well presented and above all, delicious food and a friendly staff. A pub in a typical highland style, away from the hustle and bustle of Krupowki - for a big plus!

We have recommended you seven restaurants, just in time for a week's stay in Zakopane. They are not presented in order of the best or the worst in our opinion. Each of them will captivate you with something different and certainly worth looking for in any search for a highlander's mood and delicious regional food.

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