TOP 5 - what to keep in mind when renting in the short term 19.01.2020

Short-term rental is today a very popular solution among people going on vacation or on a business trip. As the owner of an apartment or apartment, offering such a service, you should pay attention to several important issues.

Short-term rental - 5 things to remember

By using five simple tips, your offer will be of interest and tenants' opinions will be only positive. Short-term rental is developing at a very fast pace, which is why you need to stand out from the competition. What should one take care of to appear on the market?

First of all - location

In the case of holidays or business trips, the place where the accommodation is located is of great importance to the tenant. Of course, the best are apartments close to the center or tourist attractions, or at least located close to major thoroughfares or bus stops. The more attractive the location, the more profitable the short-term rental will be for you.

Remember! If the apartment or apartment is not close to the center, look for other advantages of the location and highlight them, e.g. the proximity of nature or tourist attractions will be very attractive.

Secondly - the standard of the rooms

Each tenant also pays attention to the presentation of the flat for rent. It is more likely that they will benefit from your offer if the apartment is neat and elegant. The key to success is care for the finish, i.e. high-quality window and door joinery, aesthetics and freshness of the walls, as well as the quality of the floors. So it is worth periodically subjecting the apartment to a small renovation, so that your short-term rental will enjoy greater interest and guests will feel comfortable during your stay.

Third - equipment

Flats and apartments for rent should be equipped with at least basic furniture and equipment. A bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair, a TV, a kettle or a fridge are a standard that you cannot forget. Additional equipment is also very important - take care of, among others so that the apartment has a fire extinguisher, towels, as well as kitchen equipment such as cutlery and dishes. In this way you will create perfect conditions for guests.

Remember! In the Internet age, Wi-Fi access is very important, so make sure tenants can use it free of charge. In addition, remember about cable TV, which is always an advantage, and sometimes even has a decisive influence on the tenant's final decision.

Fourth - the efficiency of furniture and equipment

Each time before renting an apartment, check the condition of the equipment - thanks to this you will detect damage, losses and failures. A broken TV set, a wobbling desk or a detached towel rail can significantly affect the standard of rooms, and thus - the quality of stay and satisfaction of the tenant. The efficiency of the equipment also has a big impact on the opinions your guests leave!

Fifth - the rental conditions

If you want short-term rental to enjoy a lot of interest, take care of the affordable price and create affordable conditions for returning the advance or resigning from the rental. It is also worth including as much information and photos in the advertisement as it positively affects the interest in the offer - the more you tell about the apartment, the easier it will be for you to find people willing to rent it.

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