Warsaw and its 5 best attractions for children 24.07.2018

Do you want to visit the capital with your family? Do you want to spend your weekend with children actively, so that you can visit the city and at the same time not lose interest? Do you want to avoid whining, and you have no idea how and what to interest your children, so that they want to know Warsaw like you?

See our proven ideas for places that are worth visiting with children while in the capital and that will make your child want to come back here! ;)

1. Copernicus Science Center

This place appears first in almost every combination. And it does not surprise us completely, because it is an absolute must see for both children and adults. If you are looking for a place that will make your child be in full delight and with full commitment to visit and even draw you to other attractions - be sure to visit the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. The best form of acquiring knowledge, by playing will make you leave here in great moods, but also positively tired! There are so many attractions that it is impossible to get to know them all during one visit;) Our suggestion - choose the attractions that you know will be the most interesting for your children and spend the maximum time in the Center. 4-6 hours, so as not to tire the little explorers. After such intensive sightseeing and acquiring new knowledge, you can rest in peace at the Vistula boulevards right next to the Center. 

2. Screenings in the Multimedia Fountain Park

After a day of sightseeing you will appreciate the beautiful multimedia show combining water with amazing light effects and wonderful music. Children love fountains, let alone shine and play! Every child will be delighted with such entertainment. The complex consists of four fountains, and concerts are held from the beginning of May to the end of September only on Fridays and Saturdays from 21:30 to 22:00. If you have smaller children who should sleep sweetly at this time, go with them for fountains in the chair. 16:00-16:30, water shows take place every day at this time, without lights and sounds, but for young children they will surely be a great attraction!

3. House of Puzzles

Right next to the Fountain Park there is a great place for entertainment for the whole family. Children here have a guarantee of fun, and parents will have something to learn about, so everyone will leave the House of Puzzles 100% satisfied. The place was born from a combination of experiences of four friends from different industries, thanks to which they created a very interesting escape room friendly to children, which will surely satisfy all players and admirers of puzzles. The house is located in a cozy house on a slope, which definitely distinguishes it from other escape rooms. There are 3 rooms available for visitors. Pyramid, in the Egyptian style, which surprises with numerous technological solutions. Return, referring to the famous series of Returns to the Future, which will take you on a journey with a mad scientist and his time machine. And the third - Full Moon - in which the fate of war will depend on you! This house just has to be visited :)

4. ZOO

One of the oldest ZOO in Poland and a place where you can easily take a break from the city noise and stay a bit closer to nature. The Warsaw ZOO is not only a place to spend a nice free time, eat ice cream or play during animal feeding shows. It is also time for your children's education, which again takes place in a friendly way, in a beautiful environment and through a fun element. In addition to the animals themselves, the ZOO offers other numerous attractions for children, such as a ride on the choo-choo or playgrounds. It is certainly a great idea to spend the whole day with your family. 

5. Museum of Dolls Houses

This museum makes adults move in time enchanted by fantastic exhibits from around the world, and children and not only girls;) can not look at beautiful dollhouses, stalls and themed huts. Even on men, this place makes a huge impression and is one of the better-rated museums in Warsaw. Among the opinions you can read about this place, that it is "charming", "magical", "phenomenal" or even "the best I've been to". Tickets are inexpensive, and it is really worth seeing and experiencing.

How do you like our suggestions? Most of them are basically ideas for spending the whole day together with the children. These places are so rich in attractions that you will certainly have something to do! We encouraged you to visit the capital? You can stay in one of our comfortable apartments in Warsaw, check the availability here: >> Apartments in Warsaw

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