Warsaw during weekend - unobvious must see 05.11.2018

Is a business trip sending you to the capital? Or maybe you are going to a weekend training, or you just decided to visit Warsaw yourself or family at an accelerated pace? Regardless of the motif of your visit to the largest city in Poland, see what you can do in such a short time to see Warsaw from an unobvious side and feel into its atmosphere!

Start with a solid breakfast

Warszawskie śniadanie - must see

Our capital is famous for a huge selection of breakfasts and the fact that in some cafes or restaurants it's hard to find a vacancy in the morning! We're already suggesting where to eat a tasty and inexpensive breakfast ;)

Charlotte, Plac Zbawiciela

In Charlotte it is very possible that you will be forced to fight for a table - but it's worth it! You will eat here a delicious, French breakfast, with your own baking bread and delicious toppings!

Sniadaniownia, 38 Dabrowskiego str.

You do not know what breakfast to decide on? Choose a breakfast room - as the name suggests, breakfast is their specialty. You can choose from gluten-free sets, with salmon, Italian or French, and of course obligatory, the best scrambled eggs.

30 Koszykow (previously Kawka z Kotem), 30 Koszykowa str.

The third and completely new option is something for veg enthusiasts. They serve here fresh bread (also gluten free) with various pastes for salt and sweet or delicious granola, sweets and coffee! In addition, on the weekends you will find a Swedish table and the rule: you eat until it disappears ;)

See something beautiful

Co zobaczyć w Warszawie w weekend?

Move, breakfast, after all, you have to burn! ;) Take a quick walk around Nowy Swiat and learn to walk like a Warsaw man! In order not to let you spend the whole weekend only visiting restaurants, it is worth to see something. We recommend visiting the Royal Castle - why? Well, because on Sunday you will go there for free! And you will be able to admire the beauty of the beautiful Ballroom. But above all, you will have the sightseeing and the feeling that you have used your stay in the capital for the max!

Koszyki Hall - compulsory must see

Hala Koszyki - Warszawa na weekend

Wonderful, antique interiors turned into a shopping center, all maintained in a post-industrial atmosphere. A very hipster place and one where you can not pass by! And definitely you have to go there, even for a moment. Lunch time will be the best - you'll find everything there to satisfy your taste buds! Watch out, however, for your wallet, so that you do not lose it too much during your stay in the hall ;)

Want to learn more about this magical place, or maybe you're interested in history? We encourage you to visit the first floor, where using the pictures and using the historical elements of the construction itself, the entire process of building the Koszyki Hall has been presented. The exhibition is completely free, it's worth spending a moment and then admire the entire hall from the height of the balconies.


Relaks w Warszawie - wybierz kawiarnię

After intense sightseeing, the time has come for probably the best coffee in Warsaw and deserved relaxation. The most suitable cafe for this seems to be the eloquent name Relaks ;) We promise you a delicious coffee in a unique environment - the place has an unusual decor, and most importantly - delicious cakes on the menu! You can find a cafe at 48 Pulawska str.

Spend a nice evening

Warszawa na weekend - wieczory

And it's best to do it in maybe obvious, but visited most often, however, on Lazienki Krolewskie day. Why do we recommend you go for an evening walk there? After dark, Lazienki Krolewskie have a completely different atmosphere. The beautiful lighting gives them charm and makes it really magical there. We recommend especially couples in love. Lazienki Krolewski seem to be the favorite place of lovers in Warsaw. No wonder - there are so many romantic nooks, benches, gazebos and beautiful views.

Lazienki Krolewskie is a palace and garden complex, which includes a park with an area of 76 hectares of nature in the city center and numerous historic buildings, next to which it is difficult to pass without emotions. If you do not have evening time or a partner for romantic walks, do not worry, this place is equally worth a visit during the day and it will surely captivate you!

We assume that you also have your plans for the weekend, that's why we leave you with these five inspirations that you can easily arrange for your two-day stay in Warsaw. You have not booked accommodation yet? Have a nice weekend!

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