What does the apartment rental look like - what do you need to know? 12.02.2020

Short-term rental of apartments is an interesting way for business and more and more people are choosing it, who can offer their customers a good location and adequate housing.

If you are thinking about renting a flat for the day, but you still have doubts - here are some things you should know about. Perhaps our tips will help you make the final decision!

Is renting apartments profitable?

Apartment owners often wonder whether to opt for short or long-term rental. A lot depends in this case primarily on the standard of the premises and its location. Practice shows that when renting well-equipped, comfortable apartments in attractive locations, revenues from renting apartments for days may be higher per year than in the case of long-term rental.

So if the apartments you want to rent are located close to the center, tourist attractions or in a quiet, peaceful area, where beautiful landscapes dominate - this might be the perfect solution. Such places are very popular among tourists and can be highly valued.

It is worth remembering that when you decide to rent an apartment, you are not left without support. You can turn to specialists who will help you estimate all potential costs and revenues, which will significantly facilitate making decisions and reduce the risk of failure to a minimum.

What are my responsibilities?

In order for the rental of apartments to bring satisfactory income, you must remember about the obligations of the landlord. I am talking primarily about:

  • appropriate equipment of the premises - with necessary, new furniture and equipment, as well as regular monitoring of their condition and efficiency (you do not have to invest in the most expensive equipment, it can also be functional and elegant from the lower price shelves),
  • maintaining cleanliness of the apartment and constant contact with guests
  • settlement of revenues from rental - you can do it yourself or, in the case of more apartments, hire a specialist.

What help can I count on?

If you want to gain support in renting an apartment, you can use the services of an experienced operator who will help you in valuation and assess the chances of success of the project. What's more, you'll get support for:

  • real estate preparation for rent (home staging),
  • choosing the right insurance,
  • offer promotion - not only will it be found on intermediary portals (such as booking.com or AirBnB), but will also be properly displayed and advertised using proven tools (e.g. digital marketing),
  • property management, including cleaning the apartment or taking care of its technical condition,
  • servicing guests of your apartment.

Do you want to rent an apartment? Place an ad and decide on professional support

Short-term rental of apartments is a great way to achieve satisfactory monthly revenues. However, it must be well thought out. If you do not want to put yourself at risk of making mistakes, you can use the services of specialists who will help you in a comprehensive manner.

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