Wroclaw - 7 top attractions for children 22.10.2018

Wroclaw is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Recently, the city won the International Best Destination 2018 contest, becoming the best European tourist destination this year!

Wrocław - TOP10 atrakcji dla dzieci

Wroclaw is also a treasure trove of attractions for the whole family - you are still wondering if it's worth dropping in ?;) See how best to spend time with children in Wroclaw.

Tipi Town - in the footsteps of Indians

Tipi Town - atrakcja dla dzieci we Wrocławiu

Start your Wroclaw journey from something crazy :) Take the kids to an Indian village. Experience the climate of the Wild West by transforming into fearless Indian warriors. In the village you will get to know the culture and customs of the Indians, you will be able to play with children in colorful hammocks hanging in trees in the orchard, and maybe even in one of the tents you will meet a shaman who will teach you tribal songs? ;)
In the evening, by the campfire under the totem, you will listen to Indian legends from the life of great warriors. These are just a few of the attractions that await you in the village of Indians - absolutely an adventure worth living :)

The trail of Wroclaw dwarfs

Krasnale we Wrocławiu - atrakcje dla dzieci

A walk in search of gnomes that have hidden in various corners of the city is great fun for both children and parents! You can introduce an element of competition to the fun, so that the walk would be an even more interesting attraction for children. Who will find the most gnomes, this will get the largest lollipop, the largest portion of your favorite ice cream or a large chocolate!

The are over 300 dwarfs and they are still coming! You can also support the family game with the map, which you can find at www.krasnale.pl.

Kolejkowo - world in a miniature

Kolejkowo we Wrocławiu - popularna atrakcja dla dzieci

Kolejkowo is an amazing journey through a miniature world. Apparently, children must be forced out of here because they are so fascinated with the mock-ups! And adults spend hours of adoration here. The creators of Kolejkowo created a huge model that reflects the reality of Lower Silesia and the everyday life of its inhabitants. You will see life here in the countryside, see the tourists during their trips to the mountains, and you can also become miniature rangers, skiers, circus performers, and even take part in a rescue operation!

The attraction is located within the Swiebodzki Railway Station, one of the oldest railway stations in Wroclaw. Ciu ciuuu! The adventure is waiting!

For lovers of strong impressions

Tower Sky we Wrocławiu

Do you like to feel the thrill? ;) Are you admirers of beautiful views, or maybe you are looking for strong impressions? Every excuse is good, to visit the highest viewing point in Wroclaw and admire the city from a height of 200 meters! We guarantee that the view will make a great impression on you and your children and it is definitely worth to go there. We recommend only to visit the Sky Tower, when the weather will add - impressions and most of all the photos will come out much better for you ;)

A multimedia fountain show

Multimedialne fontanny we Wrocławiu


Multimedia fountain in Wroclaw, surrounded by a pergola, is one of the largest in Europe and the largest fountain in Poland. It is equipped with nearly 300 nozzles! During summer multimedia shows, he uses light effects combined with great music. This is a rare attraction that is definitely worth seeing in the evening. The show can be admired and again it is an amazing experience for adults, as well as great fun and wow effect for children.

Hala Stulecia is also a great place for a family walk and spending the day in a beautiful setting. However, be sure to come back here after dark! You can see the fountain shows from the last weekend of April to the end of October.

Magical Hydropolis

Hydropolis we Wrocławiu

Another place in Wroclaw, which must be visited with children. Hydropolis is the center of knowledge about water. You will be able to get to know her from a variety of fascinating perspectives and learn a lot about her! From the entrance to the building you will be greeted by a nice robot lady, which from the very beginning introduces you to the world of interactive attractions waiting for you.

You will certainly come out of Hydropolis positively tired, full of knowledge and with smiles on their faces. You will also find a place to rest and regenerate in one of the cafes, and children have plenty of places to play. It promises to be an ideal family day :)

Sweet Abracadabra

Manufaktura cukierków i lizaków we Wrocławiu

And finally, after exhausting fun and sightseeing, take your children for well-deserved sweets :) Best for Manufactory of sweets and lollipops Sweet Abracadabra. You will not only buy here one of a kind, hand-made sweets, but you will also be able to make them yourself! And then eat your creations :)

Is's a great idea for having fun together and increasing the child's motivation to get the best sweets. A unique confectionery can be found on the Wrocław Market Square.

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