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Professional apartment management with RentPlanet

Who are we?

We maximise profit and precisely manage your investment

At RentPlanet, we offer professional management of short, medium, long-term rentals of the apartments and flats entrusted to us. We maximise profits for property development companies, private investors and individual owners who want to make the most of the potential of their investments and earn well on their rentals.

RentPlanet operates throughout Poland, in all its attractive resorts and most popular cities. Our guests include tourists from Poland and all over the world, as well as business and corporate clients. Our knowledge and experience in the travel industry helps us to rent apartments quickly, safely and at the highest prices.

flat rental management

We skilfully combine the interests of our business partners with RentPlanet’s measurable operating strategies

We are guided by the principle that investments in apartments must yield the highest income. A comprehensive rental service from RentPlanet ensures that apartment owners make a real profit and that their guests can enjoy a perfect, comfortable holiday or business stay.

Even if you own an apartment for rent at the other end of Poland, you can feel completely at ease when you trust our experts. You do not have to deal with keeping a booking calendar and dealing with guests – because RentPlanet professionals work for you.

What does cooperation look like?

We follow a clear and transparent cooperation model, which is based on revenue sharing.

Cooperation with RentPlanet specialists is based on an established rental income accounting system. All responsibilities related to the management of the rental of apartments and flats are our job – not yours.

As a property owner, you receive the profit earned each month.

Fast, reliable and free of paperwork!


Profit from RentPlanet
step by step

STEP 01 / 05

Signing of apartment management contract and handover of premises.

STEP 02 / 05

Professional preparation of the apartment for rental.

STEP 03 / 05

Marketing and selling stays on booking sites.

STEP 04 / 05

24-hour rental service and comprehensive guest care.

STEP 05 / 05

High profit for you and more time for all your other activities!


Why use our rent management service?

We create an unrivalled team of experts focused on real estate, technology and superior service.

We are inspired by new technologies

We base cooperation with our partners on a modern approach to business. New technological solutions are what have successively developed our company and will increase your profit.

A forward-looking approach to rental management
means optimising many processes and significantly increasing your income.

We multiply the capital of companies and individuals

We are responsible for your profit. With our rental property management system, we generate the highest returns from the rental of your apartment.

In this way, we provide you with financial security while you continuously multiply your capital.

Always transparent

We act in a long-term, honest and transparent manner. We have a friendly and partnership-based relationship with our clients that is based on complete trust.

Factuality and transparency are the basis of our cooperation with developers, investors and individual apartment and flat owners.

What do you gain?

RentPlanet is strategic flat rental management
and an offer of a completely new quality of travel-stay for guests.


We look after your guests and ensure their safety and comfort 24/7. Our coordinators speak several languages.

24-hour rental service

We adjust rental prices to make the most of your apartment’s potential. We optimise occupancy and increase the average price.

Dynamic changes in rental prices

We look after the properties entrusted to us at all times. We supply cleaning crews and carry out necessary repairs so that owners do not have to do so themselves.

Care and service

We create profiles of the apartments on the platform and on the most popular booking sites.

Modern marketing


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