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Apartment management – Zakopane

Highest profit

For years, we have been achieving a high income for apartment owners from renting apartments. We guarantee regular transfers every month.

The best prices for stays

Our modern strategy of maximizing revenues and optimizing occupancy allows us to achieve the highest possible prices for stays.

We save time for you

We manage apartments in Zakopane, obtaining a high income, and you gain more time for other projects.

Comprehensive short-term rental management in Zakopane

We achieve a high income from short-term rental management in Zakopane thanks to our properly profiled offer, which includes:


We prepare and offer apartments for rent through our own platform, and the most frequently used by guests booking websites in the world.

Effective marketing

We care about the safety and comfort of your stay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all days of the year. We offer guest service in several languages.

24/7/365 guest service

We optimize occupancy and manage rental prices to maximize the potential of your apartment.

Management of apartments in Zakopane

We take care of your apartment non-stop. We provide cleaning staff and teams of professionals who can remove minor defects. We charge you with the obligation to constantly look after the apartment.

Care and service

Together with a team of home stagers, we prepare your apartment so that it is attractive to guests and rented quickly and at the highest prices.

Conscious home staging


Lease management in Zakopane step by step

Work with RentPlanet in a few simple steps!

STEP 01 / 05

Signing a contract for the management of apartments in Zakopane and handing over the premises

STEP 02 / 05

Professional preparation of the apartment for rent

STEP 03 / 05

Effective marketing and sale of stays on AirBnb,, Expedia and many others, as well as on our own platform,

STEP 04 / 05

Management of renting apartments in Zakopane and comprehensive guest service

STEP 05 / 05

High profit and more time for you!

What distinguishes us from the competition?

At RentPlanet, we consciously use the latest technologies. Thanks to them, we are able to receive more guests in your apartment, ensuring their complete safety.

Precursor strategies in short-term rental management enable us to optimize many operational processes. This brings much more income from renting your property.

Intelligent revenue management systems

We analyze millions of data all the time to determine the apartment rental price in the best possible way. Taking into account the location, seasonality, standard of equipment or weather forecasts.

RentPlanet web application

Thanks to a special web application, we provide apartment owners with access to monitoring settlements and bookings in real time.

Smart locks

We implement systems of RentingLock electronic locks that we produce, which generate unique codes for the duration of your stay. As a result, we manage access to the apartment efficiently and remotely.

Electronic registration cards

We provide maximum secure online check-in, thanks to which your guests do not have to do it during traditional contacts with the reception.

On what terms do we rent apartments in Zakopane?

Always transparent

In RentPlanet, cooperation with apartment owners is based on a commission system of revenue sharing. On our side are all the obligations that are related to the management of apartments for rent in Gdańsk. This means that our partners do not manage the booking calendar or guest service. As part of the contract with our company, we offer:

  • reliable handling of payments related to the rental of apartments
  • monthly, expert analysis of revenues
  • clear settlements and remuneration always on time

Why is it worth using our apartment management company in Zakopane?

Get ready to profit!

At RentPlanet, we have been managing short-term and long-term rental of apartments in Zakopane for many years. Thanks to our vast knowledge and extensive experience in the tourism industry, we maximize the profits of investors, developers and private owners of flats and apartments for rent.

Choose partnership cooperation with RentPlanet:

  • More than 350 000 visitors served
  • More than PLN 130 million bookings handled
  • Over 1,200 apartments and flats in Poland’s most popular cities and resorts
  • Several locations served in Poland
  • 15 years of experience in the property rental industry!