Questions and answers

On what terms can I work with RentPlanet?

We base our cooperation with investors on a revenue sharing system. Our remuneration is a commission taken from the profit generated for the owner. The terms of the contract are set individually depending on the location of the apartment.

Is every apartment suitable for short-term rental?

We work with owners based on an analysis of the seals potential of an apartment. Apartments located in popular tourist destinations and in the centres of large cities have the greatest potential. An additional advantage with regard to the apartments is their finish and furnishings are of a high standard.

How to prepare an apartment for rent?

After signing a contract with RentPlanet, the owner of the apartment may opt for our home staging service. This is professional preparation of an apartment for rent so that its offer is taken up as fast as possible and at a higher price.

How does RentPlanet set prices for stays in my apartment?

We base our apartment management on a proprietary revenue management method. We manage rental prices on a daily basis and change them even several times each day, analysing competition, demand, locations, weather forecasts and many other factors that generates the highest sales.

What is the profit settlement for short-term rentals?

We settle accounts with an owner on a regular, monthly basis. Our partners have access to a special RentPlanet app where they can analyse the profits from each month.

Does the contract with RentPlanet provide for owner stays?

Yes, as part of the contract, we provide for owner stays on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of our partners.

Does RentPlanet deal with long-term rental management?

Yes, at RentPlanet we do long-term rental management. To find out more about what we have to offer, please contact: biuro@rentplanet.pl.

On which booking portals is my apartment promoted?

Stays in RentPlanet-managed apartments are promoted and sold by the world’s most popular portals, including Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia and many others.

Does RentPlanet have its own sales channel?

Yes, our partners’ apartments and flats are made available to the market through the noclegi.rentplanet.pl platform and social media. We also use direct relationships with our network of partners.

Guest service
How do I find out that a guest has booked a stay in my apartment?

Apartment owners can use RentPlanet’s web application to access their bookings and billing in real time at all times.

How are the keys to the apartment handed over to guests?

Most RentPlanet apartments have RentLock electronic locks installed, which do not require human handling. For apartments without smart locks, keys are collected by guests at designated RentPlanet reception desks.

Who is responsible for cleaning the apartment?

The cleaning service is carried out after each stay and RentPlanet specialists are responsible for it.

What if there is a fault in the apartment?

RentPlanet’s staff who look after the apartment can help to repair minor faults. In the case of more serious faults, our company supports the owners in finding a suitable and reasonably priced renovation team.