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Zarządzanie apartamentami – Kościelisko

High profit every month

We guarantee a high income from renting apartments and monthly transfers for apartment owners.

Top prices

We use proven methods of optimizing the occupancy of apartments and shaping the highest possible rental prices. This allows you to maximize your revenue.

Free time for you

When we professionally manage apartments in Kościelisko and obtain a high income for you, you have much more time for yourself, family and friends.

Comprehensive short-term rental management in Kościelisko

Apartments managed by RentPlanet bring high income thanks to a specially profiled offer, which includes:


We offer and present properly prepared apartments for rent on our own platform, and on the most popular booking websites in the world.

Modern marketing

We are at your guests’ disposal 24/7. We ensure their safety and comfort of stay. We offer service in several languages.

Comprehensive guest service

This is how we optimize occupancy and manage rental prices to maximize the potential of your apartment.

Management of apartments in Kościelisko.

We take care of your apartment at all times. The cleaning staff takes care of cleanliness perfectly, and a team of professionals fixes minor defects. You know you don’t have to check the condition of your premises every day. You have more time for yourself.

Constant service and full care

We work with interior decorators who make changes to your apartment to make it as attractive as possible for guests. Thanks to this, we rent it quickly and at the highest prices.

Professional home staging


Lease management in Kościelisko step by step

See how RentPlanet cooperation looks like in a few simple steps!

STEP 01 / 05

Signing a contract with us for the management of apartments in Kościelisko and handing over the premises

STEP 02 / 05

Professional preparation of the apartment for rent by RentPlanet.

STEP 03 / 05

Effective marketing and sale of stays on, AirBnb, Expedia and many others. We also promote your apartment on our own booking platform

STEP 04 / 05

Managing the rental of apartments in Kościelisko and comprehensive 24/7 service

STEP 05 / 05

High profit and more time for your favorite activities!

What distinguishes us from the competition?

Appropriate use of modern technologies in RentPlanet allows you to receive a large number of guests in your apartment and at the same time ensures their complete safety.

In short-term rental management, RentPlanet uses proven strategies, which leads to the optimization of many operational processes. And this directly translates into higher income from renting your property.

Systemically managed revenue

In order to precisely determine the highest possible rental price for your apartment, our systems analyze millions of data every day. They take into account the season, location, type of equipment and weather forecasts.

RentPlanet web application

We have prepared a special application for apartment owners. It allows for constant access to the monitoring of reservations and settlements 24/7.

Smart electronic locks

We equip the apartments we manage with our electronic RentingLock. Locks generate unique codes for the duration of your stay. Thanks to this, we manage access to the apartment more efficiently and quickly.

Online check-in cards

Many guests prefer to avoid face-to-face contact with the reception. RentPlanet provides a very secure online check-in.

On what terms do we rent apartments in Kościelisko?

We offer beneficial cooperation

At RentPlanet, cooperation with apartment owners is based on an agreed system of real rental revenue sharing. We take on all the responsibilities related to the management of apartments for rent in Kościelisko. Our partners don’t have to spend their time keeping a booking calendar and serving guests. According to the contract, RentPlanet provides:

  • professional handling of payments related to renting apartments
  • precise analysis of revenues for each month
  • clear settlement and timely payment of remuneration