A new quality of leisure 

Conscious furnishing of an apartment

Professional home staging is the first step to the fastest sale of your apartment stays. We prepare the apartment for rental so as to maximise its attractiveness, taking into account the location, the style of the rooms and the budget for the metamorphosis.

We create interiors that, with their ambience, attract customers and provide them with a completely new experience during their stay. Moreover, we take into account the functional needs of the tenants and the owners themselves.

Revenue management

As part of the implementation of an apartment into our offer, we carry out a detailed competitive analysis that allows us to prepare the most effective pricing strategy for a minimum of 12 months.

We manage flat rental prices and occupancy on a daily basis, as well as on online sales channels. In this way, we focus on offering apartment stays at the best time, in the right place and with all the needs of potential guests in mind.

We rely on reliable forecasting, which is key to successful revenue management.


We conduct effective online and offline marketing activities for our partners. We take professional photo shoots of properties and create their profiles on dozens of booking portals, including, AirBnB or Expedia.

Our tasks also include the full synchronisation of profiles with the booking calendar and the sale of stays via our own platform

Settlement of payments

With the convenience of investors in mind, we keep full accounts of payments for the rental of apartments and flats by guests. We provide a special web application RentPlanet, thanks to which owners have constant access to a calendar of bookings made and can monitor their income on an ongoing basis.

We guarantee an efficient financial service and expert support for the apartment owners who work with us.

Renovation support

We provide apartment owners with assistance in repairing damage that may arise from the use of the apartment. We rectify minor faults on an ongoing basis and are also available for emergencies.

If the owner is planning a major refurbishment, we offer refurbishment support at the best prices through our positive relationships with top-quality contractors.