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New technologies for your profit

At RentPlanet, we base cooperation with our partners on a high-tech approach to business. New technologies not only thrive our company, but also intensify your profit from short-term and long-term rental of apartments and flats.

The innovative methods and tools we use automate many booking processes. This makes guest service in the flat simpler, with many activities taking place virtually without human intervention.

Our technological solutions make it easy to obtain information about your guests’ expectations, which contributes to an even more personalised apartment rental offer. For you, it’s pure profit.

Bet on advanced Revenue Management

We base our work for apartment owners on Revenue Management. This is an advanced sales method through the skilful management of the price and occupancy of flats in short-term and long-term rentals.

Throughout the process, we set rental rates by taking into account more than 100 factors, including the location of the apartments, seasonality, local events and even the weather.

Capturing just such data allows us to forecast demand and supply and then optimise the price per night, and increase your revenue!

What can you gain from our
Revenue Managers?


Analysis of more than 100 types of data 24/7

Individual approach, developed on the basis of experience

Annual income of PLN 45-80 thousand depending on the size of the apartment

How are we doing

The benefits you gain:


Modern sales and marketing

Apartments managed by RentPlanet are where guests from all over the world book their leisure and business travel.

We effectively sell stays in your apartment on the most popular booking portals, i.e., AirBnB, Expedia and many others, as well as on the platform.


RentPlanet web application

Through a special web application, we allow apartment owners constant access to the booking calendar in real time.

A special owner profile also serves to monitor the billing system. In this way, all necessary data is always at your fingertips.


Online check-in cards

We know that the guests renting your apartment care about time and comfort. That’s why we offer them the possibility of quick online check-in.

Electronic check-in cards are a secure online check-in that people renting an apartment can use without contacting the RentPlanet reception.


Chatbot for guests

At RentPlanet, we allow guests to use the service of a virtual receptionist who is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year round.

Our solution is a range of practical information for the guest about access, parking or attractions, which is delivered on request via popular apps, email or text messages.


Smart locks

RentPlanet is the manufacturer of the RentingLock electronic locks that owners of the apartments we manage can opt for.

This modern solution makes it possible, among other things, for guests to check in without contacting the reception desk.

  • No traditional keys
  • Web and mobile application for lock management
  • Integration with booking portals, e.g. via the Property Management System
  • Complete security for your property
  • A whole new technological experience for RentPlanet flat guests!

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